Suzuki Nine Knights hosted by Andi Wittmann: Masters of Freeriding's Realm

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    Andi Wittmann and professional skier Nico Zacek have teamed up to present one of the coolest mountain bike event concepts in recent memory. In August, the world's top riders will be journeying to Austria, read on to find out why.

    Suzuki Nine Knights hosted by Andi Wittmann: Masters of Freeriding's Realm

    The next chapter in mountain biking opens on the 21st August 2011 at the Wildkogel in Neukirchen Austria, for the inaugural Suzuki Nine Knights MTB event. Drawing inspiration from the Nine Knights freeski event that was the brainchild of Nico Zacek, one of Germany’s most accomplished freeskiers, the mountain bike version promises to follow in the footsteps of its winter cousin and deliver a fantastic show for fans of freeriding.

    Hosted by Andi Wittmann, Germany‟s premier freeride aerialist, winner of the 2010 best trick contest at Vienna Air King, and founder of the FRAMED video project, the Suzuki Nine Knights brings together the best athletes from across the globe to compete in an unique event that has no peers in the world of MTB sport.

    Joining Andi are freeride luminaries Yannick Granieri from France, Paul Basagoitia from the USA, Sweden‟s Martin Söderström, Austrian Niki Leitner, Germany‟s Timo Pritzl and triumvirate of Canadians Darren Berrecloth, Kurt Sorge and Geoff Gulevich plus other special guests.

    Andi says, “I wanted to create something special: An event arranged and realized by pro riders and freeride enthusiasts. Mixing the ideas and experiences I have gained throughout the years led us to a concept that promises great outcomes for the sport, athletes, and the media.” The action will play out on a huge obstacle - "The Castle‟ with different jump components - and an exclusive trail, which will give the riders the chance to showcase the full spectrum of freeriding‟s possibilities.

    Neukirchen am Wildkogel an award-winning, centuries-old village in Austria‟s Hohe Tauern National Park is hosting the Suzuki Nine Knights MTB event from Monday the 21st to Saturday the 27th August 2011, providing a sublime backdrop as well as numerous riding options. From Monday to Friday the athletes and invited media will be hitting and shooting the Nine Knights trail and castle from every possible angle. Sunrise and sunset sessions, heli & paraglider chases as well as different contest styles form the events backbone. For photographers, videographers and media outlets in general, there is unprecedented access and opportunity for their creative talents to shine.

    On Saturday the knights will compete against each other in a winner-take-all MTB joust tournament, also known as the freeride jump competition. The athletes will perform their skills on a 6m drop tower as well as 8-12m castle styled jump, that gives them all the airtime they need to show their skills and show the world the highest level of mountain biking. A show not to be missed! The closing party will be held in Neukirchen's own Schweini's!

    Yannick Granieri FRA
    Paul Basagoitia USA
    Martin Söderström SWE
    Niki Leitner AUT
    Timo Pritzl GER
    Darren Berrecloth CAN
    Kurt Sorge CAN
    Geoff Gulevich CAN
    Andi Wittmann GER
    + Special Guests

    Wanna be a Knight?
    … is the name of the first Nine Knights online video contest, that offers the chance for everybody to enter the Suzuki Nine Knights 2011 event. Get invited to the illustrious round table of knights and join the likes of Darren Berrecloth, Kurt Sorge, Paul Basagoitia, Andi Wittmann and many more.

    Who can enter?
    The online qualification is for mountainbikers, pros and amateurs from all over the world, who think they are talented enough to join the Nine Knights and want to have fun at the castle in autumn 2011. The video qualification is open for everyone and the set-up is simple. Follow the link below for more details on how to enter and maybe you too could be a Knight in

    Drawing on the athlete's knowledge and passion the Suzuki Nine Knights promises to deliver a show worthy of the fans of freeride MTB around the world. Find more on Nine Knight's website and watch the event teaser below!

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