Red Bull Joyride: Full Photo Gallery

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    Jun 26, 2009

    With the scores tabulated and the evening's celebrations complete, it's time to take a look back at the event that was Red Bull Joyride 2011. Here is a photo gallery courtesy of Bike Magazine.

    Words by Ryan LaBar
    Photos by Anthony Smith and Bruno Long

    Defending champion, Cam Zink, contemplates the task at hand.

    Kelly McGarry dropping in. Photo: Bruno Long

    Geoff Gulevich oozed style from start to finish. A 360 off the drop in starts things off.

    15 year old Anthony Messere wins the unofficial amplitude award going higher than anybody else off the hip jump.

    Berrecloth doing what he does best--360s.

    Plan B?

    Yannick Granieri tail whips the final stepdown. Photo: Bruno Long

    Are those tire marks on your shoulder Gully?

    One of the few competitors on a hardtail, Andreu Lacondeguy could have been in the mix, but a hard crash off the final step-down kept him out of the super finals.

    Greg Watts Flipping into the spine on his final run.

    Despite his best efforts Tyler McCaul couldn't quite edge out his older brother. Photo: Bruno Long

    While it was nice in Whistler Village, the mountains surrounding still thing it's winter. Photo: Bruno Long

    Step one: Drop shoulder. Step two: look rad. Yannick Granieri with a dumped three.

    Zink's first run was his best. A front flip on the final step down helped secure his second-place finish. Photo: Bruno Long

    The top eight riders were all tricking both in and out of the satellite dish.

    There's no gray area in this knack knack from Jamie Goldman.

    Jamie Goldman's cheering section.

    A textbook 360 x-up off the first jump after the drop in. Photo: Bruno Long

    Watch out Sage, this kid wants your job.

    The calm before the storm.

    Only two riders left in the start gate. Zink drops in.

    Hometown hero Semenuk crosses the finish line on his victory lap.

    Long time coming.

    The biggest win of Semenuk's career on slopestyle's biggest stage.

    Sweet victory.


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