Photo Gallery from Jackson Hole Bike Park

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    Jun 26, 2009

    Jackson Hole came into the bike park scene in a big way last year, but for 2011 they're making sure everyone knows that Wyoming has something special bike park wise. Check out a gallery by Anthony Smith of Bikemag.com.

    Photos by Anthony Smith

    Last summer, Jackson Hole Mountain Resort’s trail builders worked side by side with the masterminds at Gravity Logic – the world’s premiere trail sculptors – to construct the resort’s all new Bike Park. Recently, Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, with support from the The North Face, unveiled its all-new bike park to the public. This past weekend, we were on hand to sample some of the new trails with their ‘Free for All’ Bike Launch Party.

    The view from the top of Jackson Hole's Aerial Tram.

    Mike Hopkins blasting through the greenery on Quick-Draw trail.

    Bandit is Jackson’s version of a flowing jump trail. Mike Hopkins airing his way into the first berm.

    There are loads of trees on Quick-Draw--Rider: Mike Hopkins.

    Mike Hopkins skying it out black and white.

    All types of riders--from the casual enthusiast to this Troy-Lee clad young ripper--were on hand to sample what the park had to offer.

    The Teewinot high-speed quad lift was at full capacity with the massive turn out for the Launch Party.

    Shorty after the “Free for All” Bike launch party started the lift lines spilt.

    You can check out this piece in its original slideshow form on Bikemag.com.


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