The Official Life Cycles Trailer Release **Now In HD!

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    Jun 26, 2009

    The moment that has been awaited for many months by many mountain bikers, the release of the trailer for Life Cycles, is finally here. Inside you'll find the video that gives you a brief taste of the film.

    I'll let the filmmakers say it, as they can do so better than anyone:


    What a hectic last few weeks...months...years.....

    After a quick trip to Whistler to show the film in it's non-polished stages we are gearing up for the real release of Life Cycles. We have spent some time re-working the trailer [scroll down for the video]. packaging. Gibb's in L.A. getting the film onto LightIron's machine and I head down Monday to colour correct. Excited to see what the film is going too really look like!

    One thing about making a film is that is continues to evolve the entire way through the process. It's been one of the best parts for me to see what started as a concept on paper with no gear or means to make it happen, into something that has this larger meaning.

    We are weeks away from signing a piece of paper that says "duplicate this film". That is a surreal day I am sure and one that some days seemed impossible.


    From the keyboard of former photographer turned filmmaker Derek Frankowski; now, enjoy the trailer.


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