Sam Pilgrim Signs with NS Bikes

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    Jun 26, 2009

    Locked down for two years, the British slopestyle phenom will be repping NS Bikes through 2013. Known for his prowess on the little bike, Sam will be an excellent fit for the NS team and represent their brand well.

    Source: NS Bikes

    NS Bikes is proud to announce that Sam Pilgrim has signed a two year contract with us, and will now be riding as an NS Bikes factory team rider!

    Our cooperation with Sam has been evolving since early 2010 when we started supporting him with our components. 2010 has been the best season so far for Sam who is at the moment at the peak of his career, and in our opinion the hottest rider on the planet. Our handlebars, stems and pedals seemed to suit him really well, and we felt that it was only natural that one day he would decide to go for a full deal from NS Bikes and start using our frames as well as components.

    As you may already know Sam Pilgrim has recently gained the support of some big brands in the bike industry like Marzocchi and Monster Energy. We are proud that as a main sponsor we will be taking part in supporting him, and that the 2011 season will be a major turning point for this promising 20 year old rider from Colchester.

    Sam has already been practicing on his new bike build on our 2011 Majesty Park frame for a couple of days and as we were told he could not stop riding! Sam will be using the Majesty Park and Soda Slope and FR full suspension frames depending on the type of course. He will also be involved in the design and development of these products.

    Rider profile:
    Name: Sam Pilgrim
    Age: 20
    Residence: Colchester, United Kingdom

    2010 highlights:

    1st Whitestyle
    1st Vienna Air King
    1st Dirtmasters
    1st Austrian King of Dirt
    1st Bikeradar Invitational
    2nd T-Mobile Extreme Playgrounds
    4th 26Trix
    5th Chatel Mountain Slopestyle


    NS Bikes, Marzocchi, Monster Energy, Halo, TSG, Mercedes-Benz(Vito Sport), Adidas Eyewear

    The first major event in 2011 will be Monster Energy Whitestyle in Leogang on January 28th. Last year Sam Pilgrim took first place. We really can't wait to see how it will turn out for him this year.

    Photos by Mariusz ‘Gepard’ Gadziemski and Szymon Nieborak.
    Official Sam Pilgrim Website
    Check out more atNS Bikes and NS Facebook.

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