Nine Knights MTB: Wanna be a Knight?

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    Professional rider out of Germany Andi Wittmann has announced plans to host a mountain bike version of the popular Nine Knights skiing event. Here's your chance to compete with pros to become a knight at the event.

    "Wanna be Knight?“ The Suzuki Nine Knights Online Qualification

    Source: Nine Knights

    “Wanna be a knight?” is the name of the Nine Knights online video contest that offers the chance for everybody to enter the Suzuki Nine Knights 2011 event. Get invited to the illustrious round table of knights and join Darren Berrecloth, Kurt Sorge, Paul Basagoitia, Andi Wittmann and many more top freeriders. The online qualification is open to mountainbikers - pros and amateurs - from all over the world, who think they are talented enough to join the Nine Knights and want to have fun at the castle at the Urlaubs-Arena Wildkogel, Neukirchen/Brambergthe beginning on August 21st 2011.

    All you need to do is to upload a video starring yourself on You Tube, name it “Wanna be a Knight – Nine Knights MTB 2011 – Your Name” and send the link and your contact information to nineknights@andiwittmann.de.

    The Nine Knights is a real freeride MTB event, so you need skills in various disciplines:
    - Your best freeride and downhill riding - Your best slopestyle tricks and skills - Your best dirtjump tricks - In short, the most creative moves you can do on your bike

    Andi Wittmann, Yannick Granieri, Kurt Sorge and Goeff Gulevich will be the judges of this online video competition. The deadline for submitting the video is August 5th 2011. The winner will be announced on August 10th 2011.
    Please find more details on Nine Knights.

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