Life Cycles Cleans Up at X-Dance Film Festival

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    Life Cycles, the mountain bike film that did it differently, just took home some serious hardware from X-Dance film festival. It is the first mountain bike film to ever take home the top prize of Best Film, and that's not all it won!

    Brings a spotlight to mountain biking in the Genre

    The 2011 X Dance Film Festival wrapped up January 25th in Park City, Utah and Life Cycles cleaned up at the awards. Winning the Best Film, Best Director and Best Cinematography. They are the first Mountain Bike film to win the Best Film award, also they are the first film to ever win the big three awards in the history of the festival.

    “X Dance is both the largest and most renowned action sports film festival in the world, there were so many talented filmmakers who participated and it is a great honor to be counted among them.” – Ryan Gibb co-creator.

    The film was the last to play in the festival and was followed by a standing ovation to a packed theatre in Salt Lake City. Brain Wimmer is the Director and founder of X Dance and says “Life Cycles brings Action ports filmmaking to another level of cinematography and direction.”

    “Taking home the three major awards from X dance was really a validation for us that we have created a film that people are truly enjoying” says Derek Frankowski co-creator.

    Life Cycles has crossed boundaries and gained respect among some of filmmaking’s elite. A common statement at the festival was that Life Cycles has raised the bar in action sports filmmaking and has set a new standard. The filmmakers hope that it can stand as an ambassador for mounting biking and align the sport with all other action sports.

    Following the event some of the Judges had some things to say about the film:

    "I really think Life Cycles is in class of it's own. I was super impressed by the filmmaker’s commitment to do it right. Spectacular execution. A beautiful perspective on the sport of Mountain Biking." - Mark Williams Cinematographer.

    "The most incredible cycling cinematography ever, photographed with a fresh and pioneering eye for the genre. This film sets a new mark in sports filmmaking. Brilliant!” - Chris Woods, Director.

    "I was blown away! I kept scratching my head, how did they get those shots? Life Cycles is a real progression in filmmaking! It was about the love of the sport and not about pro riders and their sponsors so it was something that everyone can relate to." - Scot Schmidt, Ski Industry Pioneer.

    For more info or to purchase the film go to Life Cycles Film
    It is also available to download on Itunes and Playstation network.

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    Congrats to the crew of Life Cycles!
    You definitely deserve it!:cheers:
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    now hopefully they don't abandon MTB movie-making in pursuit of other, more lucrative fields... And I mean that in the best possible way. kudos to them.