Jerôme Clementz (Cannondale - Mavic) Confirmed for Urge Cabo Verde

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    The ninth rider for Urge Cabo Verde has been confirmed, and it's Jerôme Clementz (Cannondale - Mavic) who will be joining the star-studded cast of all mountain and DH racers in their humanitarian effort to Cabo Verde.

    Jerôme Clementz (Cannondale - Mavic) France : Officially confirmed!

    Source: URGE

    Jérôme, after a very successful season, here you are, ready to participate in the Urge Cabo Verde adventure! What made you decide to go for it?

    J.C: Since the 1st edition I really wanted to take part in it, but I was working in the winter and couldn’t make it. This year, as I have free time, I immediately let the organizers know that they could count on me.
    To share this adventure with others riders and meet the locals is a dream. And on top of that, we’re gonna enjoy it, looking at the first pics from Cape Verde!

    What do think of this concept that mix high performance sports, discovery of unknown landscapes and humanitarian actions?

    J.C: I’m aware that I was really privileged to grow up in France with all the advantages we have in terms of education, health, comfort, hygiene… To have the opportunity to give a bit of my time to help the others, to go and meet them and with that, to discover the world, it’s something close to my heart. We ‘re not going to save the world but if, in addition to simply riding, we can help these kids with our actions, it’s even better!

    We see you more and more traveling around the world, is it important for you to discover other cultures?

    J.C : I love it. I like competition but with limits. To travel, to meet people, to learn from this, it allows you to open up to the others and to not stay confined in your own little world. There’s nothing more rewarding than this. Life, or biking, is not worth it if it’s to stay at home on your own.

    Can you tell us how a brand like Cannondale reacted to this kind of event, do you think they are sensible to this new way of communicating mixed with giving funds to humanitarian actions?

    J.C: Cannondale is already involved in these types of actions. In the US, they have a road cycling team that supports the youth in deprived areas via a charity association. When I told them I was available, they did the maximum to get me involved in this adventure. Plus, on the humanitarian side, they’re aware of others problems like environment and are involved in that sense, supporting for instance the Bike Belong action that push people to commute more on bikes.

    Talking about Cannondale, what bike are you going to ride?

    J.C: At the minute, I’m still hesitating between a Jekyll and a Claymore. I’m waiting for the last information from the organizers to make my choice. But whatever happens, it won’t be the bike that will restrain the pleasure or performance.


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