Bearclaw Invitational Returns for 2011

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    Jun 26, 2009

    Mount Washington and Darren Berrecloth are dragging the beast out of retirement. Slated to take place on August 6, 2011, the Bearclaw Invitational will be a FMB Slopestyle event, but could include several other competitions...

    Bearclaw and Mt. Washington Resort are proud to announce the return of the Bearclaw Invitational on August 6th, 2011.

    The Bearclaw Invitational will be the most progressive slopestyle event of the year, and yes, you can count on the course being top-notch, since I'm the one building it. The course itself will have all the big obstacles the boys are used to and then some surprises thrown in as well, all built around a 4" to 6" travel bike. It will have a very authentic West Coast feel, since it's being built in the forest at Mt. Washington. What's really rad is that this Bearclaw Invitational course will be permanent, so no more building and then tearing it down each Fall.

    "It’s been 2 years since my last Bearclaw Invitational on Mt. Washington. After a lot of demand I am proud to say that I am once again partnering up with the wicked staff and crew at Mt. Washington. I believe this is an opportune time to bring back my event. The plan will be to build a course amongst the trees on Mt. Washington, giving it a very authentic West Coast look and feel. The forest is a mix of fir and alpine cedar, all with tons of lichen clinging to the branches making it a photographers dream to shoot, and giving the contest a very distinct look. The Invitational course will have a mixture of big mountain moves and new school moves with a ton of incorporation of the forest, such as tying the ladder bridges into the trees. Keeping in mind spectator visibility is a big factor for me as well, so rest assured that the spectator will be in for visual treat watching all of their favorite pros throw down on a course that I personally built..."
    -Darren Berrecloth


    Mount Washington Alpine Resort is located in one of the most beautiful geographical locations on the planet. You can find it in the middle of Vancouver Island on the eastern side. The resort is 3 hours north of Victoria, BC’s capital, and over 300,000 Islanders live within an hour and half drive to the mountain. Vancouver is 3 hours from Mount Washington (ferry time included). The resort is easily accessible via the four lane Inland Island Highway from each major center.

    On mountain, riders are treated to views of the Pacific Ocean, Strathcona Provincial Park and the stunning Coast Mountain Range, all while negotiating a world-class network of trails a vertical mile above sea level. The mountain is the third most visited resort in BC for both skiing and summer mountain biking. In summer, Mount Washington offers 2 high-speed lifts with 1700 feet of vertical serving over 38km of buffed out cruisers and old-school single track. All tastes from novice to expert are catered for. Mount Washington’s experienced trail builders have created a world-class mountain bike playground, full of enough stunts to keep Bearclaw satisfied! Mount Washington is open for riding from July to late September.

    The Event will be invite only, chosen by myself so let the whining begin. The event will be sanctioned by the FMBA. As to which level it will be has yet to be determined. The main event will be the slopestyle, but don't count out the high air competition, the best whip comp, biker cross and possibly even a downhill race.

    The reason I wanted to throw my own event was simple, I was frustrated with the way contests were organized, the way the courses were being built and the fact that the "powers that be" were making more from the event than the actual riders. I said to myself, "self, I can do a way better job", so that's what I set out to accomplish.


    For all sponsorship inquiries please contact myself or Mike Manara, see below for contact details. All sponsorship categories are available in various levels at the moment, but don’t hesitate since this will be the event of the year.

    Andreu Lacondeguy boosting a superman seatgrab at the last Bearclaw Invitational.

    Darren Berrecloth
    Email - darren@darrenberrecloth.com

    Mike Manara
    Phone 1 250 702 1143
    Email - mmanara@mountwashington.ca

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