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Aug 2, 2008
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July 12
Im over here now
federal agent
    1. mattmactavish
      Whats up Man?
    2. gemini2k
      I still love you <3
    3. Big J
      Big J
      Thanks for coordinating the East DH race schedule&#8230;&#8230;.it&#8217;s really helpful.

    4. smoke brakes
      smoke brakes
      im drunker than u
    5. kemosabe83
      have i been at the house long enough to earn a spot on the delta house team? I'll have to be in some stupic picture next race i guess..
    6. kemosabe83
      hey sandbagging fag, what's doin?
    7. grom-dom
      aite. how much are you asking?
    8. grom-dom
      i saw you had some roor tubes for sale a little while back. do you still have them?
    9. freemtnrider
      you know me you freak!
      Its DJ
    10. cecil
      my buddy who got me into dh has a couple of podiums at platty a few years back. chris damico is his name there are three of us who ride both places, he gets bored on the trails i like so you could proabally show him some extreme stuff at diablo, cool my name is dave, plus chris, and ken we will rip it up with you...
    11. cecil
      not young, well i feel young but 42 i can wait till june, july. diablo is a 4 hour trip so i only make it 6 or 8 times a season, but this is my third season ever and really hooked ya know dominion flying through the air i can jam upper and lower out, that drop on tempest is so smooth or go straight and hit those little kickers instead of the drop, and that new bigger step up front wheel made it, rear wheel cased everytime. dont want to come across as a weirdo if ur a kid
    12. cecil
      whats not rushing it? think ill be ready 2 dh by may?!?!
    13. cecil
      thank you for the info on the collar bone break, dr said I didn't need surgery so I passed so I have one and a half weeks of healing behind me. can't wait to get back on dh bike.
    14. Eastern States Cup
      Eastern States Cup
      that pic is a fake and it could have been taken anywhere...blah
    15. DirtHurt
      If your still interested in the bike Ill sell it for $1650
    16. DirtHurt
      what do you mean uzzi? And how about $1800
    17. fortenndu
      Hey Steve, Do you have Nolans email?
    18. bmxracer62
      Hey man, i dont want any problems, not sure why you dont like me. I was not the person who took all those pics when dave crashed, just the two that were on my profile. i was trying to help! everybody seemed to have everything under control. i was rather nervous, didnt know if he was alright. i think that pink shirt kid was the one were telling to stop, not me. i dont want any problems with anyone. and im not even gonna get into the stalker thing. if you still dislike me, just dont talk to me. if there is no problems, say hi sometime out at the mountain. My name IS Devin and i ride an 08' Sunday WC w/boxxer team and vivid.
    19. karpi
      Hey, so tell me about your Avalanche you have for sale. Do you have any pictures? How many seasons do you have on it? Does it need some maintenance? What spring does it have? Does it come with the Hi and Low independent ajustments? Would you be willing to ship overseas? What bike was it on before? Sorry for all the questions hehe, but Im pretty interested and want to make a good investment. Cheers!
    20. IH8Rice
      im not steve. im esteban
    21. boogenman
      are you who I think you are?
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    July 12
    Im over here now
    federal agent
    Mensa member


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