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Hesh To Steel
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Jul 29, 2014
Dec 12, 2007
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Hell's Kitchen

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Hesh To Steel

New Member, from Hell's Kitchen

Hesh To Steel was last seen:
Jul 29, 2014
    1. cecil
      that was us, he is nuts full throttle all the time he hit lower ripper the little drop by the lift and phantom drop with the flat that "the" rim is insane first flat in 4 years but its heavy real heavy, thanks for helping that day also hope im ready for opening day i think we are coming down, well at least him and ken,
    2. cecil
      diablo is a 4 hour drive so i only made it 6 times lats season and 4 the year before, im proabally an old **** compared 2 u and most of the people who ride there. i have 2 buddies i ride with one is full blown, high speed, any trail at diablo (he has a couple podiums at plattekill expert class) the other guy is more the dominion, tempest, alpine type, and lame old me and my 2 years well dominion, tempest, test of metal i can ride a fair share just not super fast really dont want to miss out on this season. we all ride kona junk, local bike shop is a kona, diamondback, fuji dealer so choices are limited but he is a good guy and a small shop so we support faithfully (and break his balls just cause he lets us)
      i know what you mean about doctors but the one who said surgery was my choice, i had to point out that on the x ray that it was in fact broke in 4 pieces not 3 on my 2nd visit.
      about 3 years ago i got burned real bad and had 2nd degree burns on 15% of my body the idiot bent over and tied one of his shoes with the rubber gloves on the tried to touch my arm that looked like freddie krugers face freshly burned and raw with the same gloves on, wtf thats 101 keeping steril. so my only 2 times in 42 years 2 different hospitals i had bad luck.
      im not trying to debate u some people are good at memorization and passing test, but the real world is a far cry from a text book.
      if your a lawyer sorry im a big ball buster i really dont hate anyone and can respect everyone who has an education beyond high school. well thanks for the kind words and ill let you know when me and the boys are coming down maybe we can take a couple rips down or have some good laughs and a cold one.
      i can honestly everyone i have met mtb ing are great people, be good
    3. cecil
      doctors and lawers call their work practice and both of them i dont trust them. human error is not acceptable when im cut open and having my collar bone screwed together.

      "the best wife to have is someone elses"
    4. scratch
      hey- updated the post on my demo 8- email me at scratchfury14@yahoo.com and lets work something out- i need to move this thing soon
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