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Feb 12, 2014
Mar 6, 2002
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May 19, 1974 (Age: 40)
Home Page:
Greenville, South Carolina
Alternative Energy/ Power Generation


Turbo Monkey, 40, from Greenville, South Carolina

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Feb 12, 2014
    1. Caussiecan
      Its Craig the Aussie from Greenville we always run in to each other at Paris Mountain, My son and I driving to Massanutten tonight as well, i can share accomodation with you. give me a call 864 901 3597.

    2. mtbgeo
      Do you still have the revolution 150 mm wheel set? I would like to buy them. My name is George 626- 483-3696 let me know. Thanks.
    3. Franchise71
      Hey man enjoyed your posts. I was reading your new Remedy buildup and in it you mentioned an old 08' buildup. In it you mentioned Fox Coil 5.0 as an add on. Im doing a similar build wanna make my 08' Remedy a better all around/dh rider. At 300 pounds I think the coils my answer. What size did you use? Thanks for any help.
    4. Marnux
      Hi there,

      i'm sorry to bother you like this, but i saw your 2008 Remedy coil conversion and wanted to know if it was still a decent climber after the conversion. I have a Remedy 2010 myself and i'm not impressed with the drcv shock on it or the fork for that matter. I like my bike a little more drop and jump capable. It still has to be able to climb well though as i don't have a lot of lift accessed areas nearby.
      Can you give any advice as to what i could put on there (front and back)?
      Price isn't really an issue but the cheaper it is, the faster i'm able to replace the parts.

    5. RobinRide
      I have open a blog on blogspot about mtb's world with many videos.
      I would like to have an opinion.
      My blog is: http://nofear-x.blogspot.com/

      tnx :)
    6. FCLinder
    7. TimBjr
      Nice pictures. I really think you should switch to Shimano pedals. All us cool people are riding them. tbone ;)
    8. FCLinder
      Don't really know just yet. I am thinking Sunday looks better. I will have to ask the Bose what day she is going to let me ride.
    9. urbanbikerj
      Yo dude what up?I like two wheelfreaks! Are you guys riding anywhere great this weekend?
    10. TimBjr
      Hey man. How's it looking for Sunday? I work an 8hr tomorrow, sat, rather than a 12 hr. Catch you later. Tim
    11. TimBjr
      Paris ride tomorrow? tim
    12. TimBjr
      Hey man. What kind of schedule do you work off of? I am a nurse at GHS so I have days off during the week and end up by myself at Paris or driving to Asheville to ride with my old buddies. Not that that is a bad thing. I would like to do a few group rides at Paris or just to pair up. More fun I find. Later. Tim 828-301-7700
    13. TimBjr
      Hey Cecil. I am a local guy here in Greenville. I Raced at Paris. You did a great job with that whole deal. My wife and son and I have been here 2 years now and I am excited that there is a MTB event right in the backyard. Thanks man. tim
    14. FCLinder
      They sold yesterday, sorry.
    15. Scrub
      Hey Cecil, I'm interested in your wheelset. On the Giant website it states that the rotors are 7 and 8 inch, what size are yours? I have an 06' Giant and am looking for a spare wheelstet to throw on there but I dont want to have to make any modifications to mount them up. I run Hayes HFX 9s if that helps too, let me know if you have any info if there are any other issues on brake alignment.

      Thanks, Chris.
    16. FCLinder
      It looks like a nice bike. I have a friend that has one and likes it.
    17. sarcazmo
      One other bike that has been suggested to me is the Intense Tracer VP.

      Looks interesting, with the 5.5 and 6 inch travel settings. Looks quite comparable to the Remedy, weights being pretty similar as well. Only problem is it might be more difficult to find one in my price range. ~4k.
    18. FCLinder
      Remedy for sure over the other two. It was a great bike. I have a Trance X now for a Trail/DJ/DS/4X bike. Its only 5" f and R. The thing I liked about the Remedy was it was 6" Fand R but climbed really well.

      Good luck.
    19. sarcazmo
      Just wondering if you might answer a question for me.

      I ride a BMC trailfox right now and like it for just about everything.

      However, I'd like a bike where I can be a tad bit more aggressive with without adding a ton of weight.

      So far I've been looking at the Banshee Rune, GT Sanction, and especially Trek Remedy.

      So far the Remedy has been the one thats really caught my eye. Most of my riding consists of riding XC... But I do enjoy riding uphill and then bombing DH. Sounds like the Remedy would be perfect for that.

      Any advice/opinions?
    20. DHR
      hello FCL,
      would you mind share your opinion about rs vivid 5.1 shock?
      i'd like to upgrade dhx5.0 on my 08 turner dhr and i'm leaning towards either ccdb or vivid.
      if you could say briefly your data like weight, bike, spring rate, ti or steel and so on, and mainly the damping, riding quality, pros and cons and adjustability i really apreciate
    21. SofaKing

      I have the stock ti spring that came in my 06 40 stored in the shop some where and if you wanted to trade let me know. Only problem is I live in Canada.
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    May 19, 1974 (Age: 40)
    Home Page:
    Greenville, South Carolina
    Alternative Energy/ Power Generation
    Pro Rider


    Get off the Internet and go ride your bike!!!!!
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