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Aug 14, 2014
Mar 1, 2007
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Champery, Switzerland
trailbuilder & snowboard instructor

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New Member, from Champery, Switzerland

buckoW was last seen:
Aug 14, 2014
    1. wicked cool
      wicked cool
      A friend and I are planning a trip to the alps from Colorado for this upcoming spring/summer. our plan is to get tickets into paris and take a train into the mountains, but i am looking for any tips that would make our trip easier logistically and cheaper financially. it seems as though you have quite a bit of knowledge when it comes to biking in the alps and any info you could share it would be tremendously helpful.
      Eddy C.
    2. englertracing
      That would lower the spring rate. But not be progressive springs only progress when coils collide and become inactive making other coils do more work. Also. Also the fox springs are powder coated to prevent abrasion of the aluminum scantions (unlike moto springs which are raw and ride in a steel scantion). Also ti is nastier than steel in the abrasion department. Things like ti rods in an engine have to use a special disulfide coating to prevent then from eating the crank

      Anyways I figured it out. If you check the thread I put a picture.
      Anyways thanks for the input. And for not being a jerk like some of the others.
      I just picked up a Fox rp23 for my voltage 8.5x2.5 or 216x63mm Boost valve tune is 175 rebound tune L velocity tune is L . I'm looking to use this setup for local FR (6'&5' foot drops with very smooth dirt trannys and smooth gaps peppered in along our Local shuttle spot . I will be on the hill for the next three days maintaing the course at Plattekill for this weekends race. And it will be bugging me, Did I get the right tune with the rp23?. As I said before If ya get to Plattekill ya got free run of the place.
    4. bworthen
      Hey Ben,

      I was really inspired reading about your story on the Scott website. I also checked out Chalet de Ben and it'd be really great if I could organize a trip sometime. I've been to switzerland several times, yet all when i was much younger, and i've been dying to get back ever since.

      Could you tell me more details about what it entails to get out to your spot/ship my bike or pack it, the whole nine yards, etc.?

      Thanks man!

      Ben from San Francisco
    5. DHDror
      Hi there,
      I am arriving to Morzine on June 28 - looking for riding buddies,
      Are you in the neighborhood ?
      How can I contact you when I'm there ?
    6. dondon
      Hey Ben,
      I have a few more pics of you!
      What is your email. email me svenmartinphoto@mac.com
    7. buckoW
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    Champery, Switzerland
    trailbuilder & snowboard instructor
    bikes & snowboards


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