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Thread: Great 3 days!

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    Great 3 days!

    Friday (M Bday) started with a ride up part of Deer Creek Canyon. Saw 3 deer within feet, they were just hanging out not untila truck drive by did they move. Trail was great. Got to work and was surprised with a Cheesecake and a card from the great gals I work with. After work came home to a homemade cake, gifts and Jessica took me out to Old Chicago! Saturday got up and went on a hike. Jessica and I did the loop at Deer Creek. Finished that had some Dairy Queen then off to the cruise out to the hills. We went to Fairplay, Alma, to the top of Hoosier pass. Did some mild exploring around the area then went down to the start of Wheeler Lake. I was in shock to find it free of snow. Got home that night (around 11 or so at night and my great loving wife made us a steak dinner YUMMM!!! Sunday we got up early to go on a trip, but it was cancelled. BUmmer so we slept in and did some needed work around the apt. After that I went and rode Bergen Peak and actualy made it to the summit WOO HOO!!! The trail conditions were great, a little snow up top in the shade but not much. The view from up there was great, will have to do that one again. After that ride had a nice dinner on the deck and let the night set in hanging out with the best wife in the world!


    Saturday (hike)

    Out toward Alma/Hoosier

    Some nice waterfall ice near Wheeler Lake Entrance

    Sunday!!! SUNDAY!!!! SUNDAY!!!

    Yes I was tired by this point!

    But I kept going

    Back to the Rover, ride sadly over.

    At home, dinner cooking. Almost time to sit down!

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    Bikes are awesome!

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    Quote Originally Posted by stoney View Post
    Pesqueeb is a hippie trapped in jesus-land.

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    Looks like fun!


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