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    Since Suspension Experts was mentioned in this thread with the Double Barrel, I just wanted to give them props.
    They sponsored the Paris Mtn. DH race, and I won a generous gift card from them. I had a 2.0 stroke Double barrel from a trail bike that I did not even own anymore. Suspension Experts changed the eye to eye on it to a 3.0 and basically built me a new DB with all new parts for a very fair price. It rides incredible as well. Great guys. Hit em up if you need anything.
    SEI Racing

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    Quote Originally Posted by funkyflea View Post
    Hi All,

    The shock landed at TF tune today and they state that the IFP O-ring was faulty. Shock is on its way back to me today, great service! However I haven't heard anything from Malcolm or Cane Creek..

    I hope it will work fine now with no more problems, haven't even had time to ride it before I had to send it back.

    Thank you all for the support and useful comments, even the not so useful..
    Bit of a dig here, sorry. I just got my CCDB serviced and I'm getting a similar noise. It's quite noticeable, even with my helmet on. I just wanted to know whether replacing the IFP o-ring solved this problem?

    Edit: Shock was almost inaudible prior to service.
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    The shock does not sound as much as prior to the rebuild by TF tune, still there is a noticeable sound. Tested a demo with a CCDB, same sound there. The shock performs without any problem.

    Best of luck with your shock.

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