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    Quote Originally Posted by SkaredShtles View Post
    Elaborate, please? 'Cause I'd REALLY like to get my wife off the $60/mo plan she is currently on...
    Its the first tier of the first revision of the Virgin Mobile Beyond Talk plan (new accounts have slightly higher rates). Its a contract-free prepaid plan on Sprint's network. Their highest phone is average compared to the main carriers offerings - Motorola Triumph (its really a Huawei), I have an LG Optimus V which was their first decent android phone. Their phones are loaded with stock android which is better than most postpaid carrier using corrupted versions of android.

    Sprint's other prepaid option, Boost Mobile has a slight different selection, their best handset is the mid-range LG Marquee.

    There is a third option on Sprint's network called Ting (from tucows) which has high-end handsets (Galaxy S2 and Motorola Photon) but service isn't quite as cheap.

    Finally there is the hippy carrier on Sprint (also with high-end handsets) but rates more on par with Sprint itself, Credo Mobile.

    You can port your number from your old carrier to any of these options.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mattmactavish View Post
    I have an old Nokia 1100 Model and you will be amazed on how good it works still after tens of times hard drop to ground. So Now no one buys Nokia but Nokia produced hard phones
    iphones are notorious for breaking when dropped just a few feet. That is why you will never see one without a guard.

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    Quote Originally Posted by woodsguy View Post
    iphones are notorious for breaking when dropped just a few feet. That is why you will never see one without a guard.
    it's funny the amount of iphones/itouch i have seen with cracked screens/parts of the screen missing that are still functional.

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    and now samsung has ended nokia's 14 year run as #1 overall mobile phone vendor
    set your sarcasm meter to Level 4:butt hurt


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