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    Bike Rack Advice

    After tossing the road bike into the back of the SUV over the past year, I am looking to invest into a bike rack. I am preferring to get a hitch mounted rack. I prefer to not take the rack on and off all the time.
    I am not too worried about how many bikes to carry.

    90% of the time it's just me, 10% carpooling with another rider. Thus a 2 station rack will be more than fine.

    However, I am looking for something that is convenient to use when the rack is on the back of the SUV while running errands (make way for the Costco run).

    With all the brands and features out there, I am looking for feedback on how the bike is with the rack (movement, locking), how easy the rack is to live when not hauling bikes and how is it to put on and take off the car.

    Any thoughts, suggestions and advice will be greatly appreciated.
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    It is the consensus of the RM community that you should buy a roof mounted rack and then drive it into your garage with bikes on it.

    Many of our members have had success with this setup.

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    I, of course, am in agreement.

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    4 would be perfect for you. You can leave it as a 1 bike carrier most of the time, then add the 2nd bike carrier only when you need to. It is lightweight and compact, and very sturdy. I don't have one but a riding buddy does so I've seen it in person, and he is very happy with it. There are also plenty of rave reviews about it on mtbr.


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