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    bottom bracket upgrade

    I have a 2006 Gary Fisher Tass with a TruVativ ISIS GigaPipe bottom bracket that I want to upgrade. How do I know what is compatible with my bike? I suppose I could go to the shop, but I wanted to research what I was going to get and see if I can find any deals before getting talked into to shelling out a huge amount of money by the LBS.

    The full specs are here:

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    About the only thing you need to know is the BB shell width on your frame usually 68 or 73mm. Most newer BB's have spacer rings to adjust for this difference.

    If you're keeping your cranks you'll need another ISIS BB with the same axle length.

    Both sides unscrew in the direction you pedal in.

    Clean out the threads inside the shell like it's your job to do so before installing the new BB. One little piece of grit will lock the threads tighter than a tick.

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    since your going to be taking out the BB anyway, why dont you justtake it out and read the size. its written in the middle. its usually says 68 by XXX. or 73 by XXX. XXX being the spindle length.

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    As everyone already said just make sure you get your spindle length right, BB width isn't as important (as long as it's either 68 or 73 and not oversized) because you can just order a 73 and use the included spacer rings if you actually have a 68 frame. Also I know this probably comes across as selfish coming from the "shop" guy but don't automatically assume that your LBS is going to make you shell out more money than you would have to online.

    That always irritates me when I find out a customer did that because over 90% of the time I can match or beat the online price, and if people do buy from me I can usually help them out with labor. If you can get a better deal online then by all means do so, but get the best online price first and check to see if your LBS can match it before buying online. Also make sure that any "deals" you find online are truly "deals" many times you will be buying 1 or 2 model year old parts that aren't actually any better than what you already have.

    Sorry for the rant, and please don't assume that I was directly bashing you, I just hate seeing the LBS (and any local business for that matter) struggle because internet giants are taking away all business with what "seems" like amazing savings.
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