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    2014 Fox Fork 32 Float Evolution 29 100mm CTD Remote 29er

    100mm 15QR 29er
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    New never mounted uncut 2014 FOX 32 FLOAT Evolution Series 29IN 29er 100mm CTD REMOTE WHITE 15QR Thru-Axel. 1.5 Taper. Climb/Trail/Descend (3 positions)2014 Fox Fork 32 float 29 100 ctd With remote.

    $600 OBO
    Willing to trade for something of equal value only if you are local.

    The CTD Remote lets you to switch between the Climb, Trail, and Descend modes while riding. Each mode is optimized for a specific type of terrain, providing best performance and riding enjoyment. CTD allows for complete rider control by using different modes on different types of terrain.

    Climb Mode:
    •Push the silver lever down to its lowest position to engage Climb mode.

    Climb mode is a very firm low-speed compression setting (not designed to be a solid lockout). This setting is most useful for climbing and sprinting.

    Trail Mode:
    •From Climb mode, push the black release lever once and then push the silver lever down one click to the middle position to engage Trail mode.
    •From Descend mode, push the silver lever down one click to the middle position to engage Trail mode.

    Trail mode offers less compression damping than Climb mode. Use this setting when pedaling on undulating terrain, and for preventing excessive travel in technical riding situations (such as low-speed drops). Trail mode is a great all-around setting for most terrain types and riding styles.

    Descend Mode:
    •Push the black release lever in any setting to engage Descend mode.

    Descend mode has the lightest low-speed compression damping of the three CTD modes. Descend mode offers the most plush ride to ensure optimal traction over varied terrain.
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